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Professional Artiste Training Development Programme

The Professional Artiste Training Development programme aims to discover and groom all-round, and versatile artistes in Asia. A Grand Audition will be held annually for all aspiring talents to join the intensive training and classes coached under the Professional Artiste Training Development programme.

There are various levels in this programme. The Professional Artiste Training Development classes are taught by professionals in their respective field, such as, vocal, dance, record label, artiste management, photography etc. 

ACME Academy has close working relationship with various industry players, such as renowned artiste dance training academy in Korea, record label, and artiste management agency. Putting their valuable resources together, the Professional Artiste Training Development offers utmost professional training to its students. 

During the intensive programme, the Professional Artiste Training Development course offers the sharing of industry insights, vocal, dance, music composition classes, and many more. An interim, and summative assessment will be conducted to assess the students' progression. Students will also receive the opportunities to appreciate and observe telecasting and concert performance sporadically. 

Outstanding students will receive auditions and casting opportunities by producers, record label's management team, casting agency, and many more. Hence, increasing the chance of debuting for these distinguished students. 

Exceptional talents scouted from the Grand Audition will stand a chance to receive a full or partial scholarship for the programme. 

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