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Junior Popstar Programme

The Junior Popstar Programme aims to discover and groom versatile kids in becoming a future artiste. In this programme, it will be taught by professionals in their respective field, such as vocal & dance.

ACME Academy has close working relationship with various industry players, such as renowned artiste dance training academy in Korea, record label, and artiste management agency. Putting their valuable resources together, this kids programme offers utmost professional training to its students in a fun and engaging environment.

With a mini-showcase at the end of the programme, parents will witness their kids’ growth in their character, confidence and learning abilities in both vocal & dance. Outstanding students will receive a full or partial scholarship for the Professional Artiste Training Development programme, allowing them to take the next level in fulfilling their journey as an artiste.

The Junior Popstar programme was an awesome experience for my daughter. She was able to build confidence in dance and singing in a big crowd. Furthermore, she is exposed to other kids who shares the same passion as her. She said that she will never forget this opportunity. Thank you ACME Academy!

Chole Desamito's Mom

Ever since we joined the program, and see Charlotte’s face glowing with happiness again. She used to be one of the dancer in her dance CCA in school but left the group due to her unsatisfying academy result. This sadden her as it wasn’t what she wanted to quit. If she had a choice. But we believe this is not mean she cannot dance anymore. Enrolled her into this we hope to encourage her, keep her passion going. And we think it has achieve what we wanted so far.

Charlotte Tan's Mom

It’s a great exposure for my kid as she used to shout to a song and move her body to a rhythm.
The teaching is fun and easily understand by even a five year old.

Renee Lai's Dad

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