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Description Of Class

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a culture that has 4 elements involved, which are DJ-ing, Emceeing, Graffiti and B-Boying. Initially only B-Boying, Hip Hop Freestyle dance has evolved along with its music counterpart. This dance is a genre itself that emphasizes foundation, groove, techniques & flow with adaptions from other genres such as Popping, Locking, House and many more.

Waacking was created during the 1970s disco era where the dance is mainly played to disco music, it involves not only arm movements, but also involves posing, character, confidence and more!

Locking was created by Don “Campbellock” Campbell in the late 1969 during the soul & funk era where the dance is played mainly to funk music. It’s a technique that involves sudden stops and pauses in the midst of fast-paced arm movements.

Most K-Pop Dance are also known as Urban Choreography where each choreography is done to K-Pop music. K-Pop music and dance varies from different eras (80s to current), genres (Hip Hop to Funk) and styles (Feminine to Fierce). It is an energetic and vibrant dance with unique fashion.

Girls Style
Infusing of different genres like House, Hip Hop, Waacking and more. Dancers will get to develop on their showmanship and confidence in a feminine way to various genres of music.


Rap (Rap-Writing)

Rapping is different from spoken-word poetry and it is performed in time to a beat. There are foundations like Multi Syllable Rhyming, Rhyme Structure and Delivery, and there are the more advance technique like Metaphors and Word Play.

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