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Lady Bird

Competition Achievements

Singapore / Champion: All Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle 2015
Singapore / Champion: Ladies Night 2014
Singapore / Champion: R16 Southeast Asia Finals 2014
Singapore / Champion: The Other Side 2015

Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: All Out Championship Ladies Night Vol. 2
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: Cats of the Stage 2014
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: Gatsby 6th Dance Competition
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: NTU Funk Jam 2016
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: Original Gangstaz Mix Styles 2013
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: Queen of Disco Vol. 1
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: R16 Singapore 2015
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: The Project Vol. 2
Singapore / 1st Runner-Up: We Funk Together Vol. 1

Singapore / 2nd Runner-Up: Show Da Funk 2013

Singapore / Top 4: Epic The Dance Showdown 2014
Singapore / Top 4: Radikal Forze Jam 2015

Taiwan / Champion: Yilan Fuguang University Dance Club Battle 2015
Taiwan / 1st Runner-Up: Showbiz 4 Real Krump and Lock 2013

Korea / Champion: Supreme Freestyle 1 on 1 Battle Vol. 4
Korea / Top 8: R16 2014 World Finals

Malaysia / Champion: Level Up 2014
Malaysia / Champion: All Style Session Vol. 2
Malaysia / 1st Runner Up: Cats of the Stage 2013

Judging Duties

Indonesia: Let’s Get Boogie 3

Korea: 7 To Smoke Auditions 2015 Battle

Malaysia: Smash It Moment 2015

Myanmar: The First Jam Vol. 4

Philippines: Radikal Forze Jam 2016 Qualifier
Philippines: The Cypher Session 2016

Singapore: THE REAL DEAL St. Four
Singapore: Tri-Uni Pokemon Dance Battle
Singapore: Who Da Best Vol. 4

Shanice also known as “Lady Bird” in the local Dance Scene, has been dancing since 2009. Best known for the style of Locking, she is also versatile in various genres such as Hip Hop & Waacking. Throughout the years, she has been invited to perform and choreograph for various major events. To top it off, representing Singapore, she has been invited to judge and compete in many prestigious dance events in South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia. 

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